Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday for 3

So I probably have previously explained that Birthday's are a HUGE deal in my family! Life is precious and can change in an instant....not to sound like Debbie Downer but that is reality and so I TRULY feel blessed every year that I am able to celebrate another Birthday with a family member or friend!! This year seems far more special because as you all know my grandma suffered a stroke and we were able to celebrate another year with her on January 12! I never thought about my grandparents getting old, sick, or dying.....I know it happens but I just never thought about it, they have been by our sides through good and bad.....maybe not always agreeing but they always loved us! So when my grandfather passed away 2 years ago it shook up our world! God has once again proven to know what is best because my grandma has been able to have 2 full great years enjoying her great granddaughters!!! Could care less that there may be loud laughter, house turned upside down with toys, juice spilt on the floor, ect.....just relishes the moments she gets to spend with them! My grandpa loved them but not always tolerant of the noises and messes that can come along with kids! My grandma made mention Tuesday evening that this was her last week on earth, wether anyone believed her or not.....she said it was. I can't say if it is or isn't, neither can her Dr, God only knows. What I know for certain is I have NO regrets in my relationship with my grandma or my time spent with her. If she left this earth today I would be heart broken but I know that I will be with her in Heaven one day soon where life will certainly be PURE BLISS!!!! So I got a little side tracked from the B-days! In January we are blessed with my nieces b-day on 1/11, my grandma's on 1/12, and Emery Grae's on 1/13! We always have a Sabbath B-day (this is our church day) for all three together!!! 

Grandma was able to make it to church last week.....below hugging Emery in her Sabbath School class!

Aumie kisses
Singing Happy Birthday in her class at church
For those of you not around Emery on a daily basis she is HILARIOUS!!! Brings Jon, Kayden, and I to tears of laughter on a daily basis!!

Happy Birthday to a 3 year old, 79 year old, and 9 year old!!! I have to say, for my mom's sake, we had a cupcake cake pan and mom did a practice run with the cake below prior to Tay's party! She didn't realize that she turned the bottom part upside down!!! You'll see her masterpiece in the next blog!
I'm not sure how many candles she had to blow out but she didn't quit until there were all out!
Of course we have to sing to each one!

That night, after the girls took an extended nap, had a puzzle night! Jon and Em's masterpiece!
Me and Kayden's Fancy Nancy puzzle!! Kayden said in the middle of doing this....this is the greatest evening! Goes to prove the simple quality times spent together as a family bring warm fuzzies to everyone!

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Heather Figueiredo said...

kera- i hope you have these pictures backed up!!! if you don't- do it today!!! these are priceless and you will love to look back on them often.