Monday, January 19, 2009

Get ready Kindergarten here I come.....

I've never been one to be sad about the girls growing up! I love every new stage that we've entered with them and look forward to all the years and different things that lie ahead! Would I love to have a baby that stays a baby for life (but sleeps through the night).....absolutely and do I slightly dread teenage years with not 1 but 2 girls in this house.....sure! So here we are again, entering a new phase....Kayden starts Kindergarten this fall and she couldn't be more excited! Friday we went to visit her new school, A.W. Spaulding which is a Seventh Day Adventist school in Collegedale! She was able to spend some time with both of the Kindergarten teachers while the parents met with the faculty! Jon and I are both excited at what the school has to offer her!

Hallway leading to the classroom! 

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The Hadfields said...

Oh man, what a milestone. I bet she'll do great. Fun!