Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Camping for 4 please

This last weekend was perfect weather for some camping and so that's just what we did! Just the 4 of's not often we get to go somewhere being just our core. I know we each LOVED it immensely! The weather was a little cooler in the evenings then what we thought but we all had good sleeping bags and extra blankets and did great! My girls are pretty squirmy in bed and so I had to restuff them in their bags quite often through the night to keep them warm but nobody complained! Jon even slept out by the fire Friday old times for him (when he was younger....I don't make him sleep outside, I promise)! We absolutely hands down had the best time. Our brains were quickly cleared of all the buzz of life and we were very relaxed and everyone was happy! We fell asleep each night to the sounds of the waterfall and woke up each morning with the alarm clocks, no mommy/daddy calling our names, no phones. We rode our bikes around some on Friday and then Saturday we hiked to "Fall Creek Falls"....otherwise we just hung out by the fire and the kids were able to explore in the area around the tents!! No one wanted to leave on Sunday.....pure and simple fun!

Please take note of my oldest....never at a loss for a pose!!!

Making breakfast

Daddy's job for the weekend!

This was the view up while sitting on our chairs by the fire

Climbing trees

While hiking to the falls

Breathtakingly MAGNIFICENT!!!!

Of course you gotta roast marsh mellows

Early morning yummy breakfast of pancakes, veggie sausage, mango, and blueberries!


The Hadfields said...

I think it's so awesome that you and Jon are brave enough to take them camping. What great memories!! Paul and I used to love to hike and camp, but we haven't done anything like that since Sophie came along. We want her to love nature like we do, so you've inspired me to plan a trip for the 3 of us! If you can hack it with 2 little girls, surely we can make it work with 1!
I used to go to Fall Creek Falls for bible camp every year. The last time I was there was with Paul's family 10 years ago! It's a great place. :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

love all your pictures...thanks for being inspiration to to my thoughts, that "the boys are too little"....

Charisa said...

Ohhhhhhh fun! I remember going there in college - so so so pretty!

H-Dog said...

Well, you know me....camping is definitely not my cup of tea :) but I'm glad you had so much fun....that pic of the waterfall is fab! THAT I would have liked to see. I suppose if my parents would have taken me to do stuff like that when I was little like Kayden & Em, I would like it now too. Love you!

greenchickadee said...

Wait, WHAT? You guys like to camp and we haven't camped together yet? How did this happen?