Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Day....CDM here we come!!!

Right now the main exhibit is houses in different parts of the country. Very interesting to see the way people live. Below Emery is in a "hut" type of house which the people in Mongolia live in. The Cambodians live on boats, ect. 

Playing "house" in the "Little Yellow House"....that's what it's called!
They have different art times and at this particular session the girl read the story of Cinderella and then had all the different yarns, material, feathers, hay, glittery items laid out (as seen below) for the kids to choose from place on the paper. Each item represented a part of the story! There was no special place to glue down everything.....imaginations take OVER!!! 

Kayden's idea of Cinderllla! 

Emery's piece of art!
The girls playing in the "water area"

My phone rang at 4:50 am last Saturday and when the person on the other line asked if I wanted to stay home from work I of course said "YES"!!! Well once we all crawled out of bed after a busy week we found it raining outside! So thanks to a membership to the Creative Discovery Museum we purchased last year (we will be getting this membership every year because after 2 visits the membership was  payed for) we decided that today was a perfect day to go visit!!! The exhibits change out every 3-4 months not to mention the endless other things there are to do! The girls LOVE it!!! 

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