Monday, March 9, 2009

Potty Training

First of all I must say that Emery will most likely NOT appreciate this blog if it is still around by the time she is able to get on to a computer and read!! BUT I had to post this anyway....precious little moments to me! I am quite opinionated regarding certain "parenting" issues. i.e. what goes into my children's body's- solids and liquids, bedtime and naptime/quiet time, amount TV time and what they view,  teaching them about God, outside time, and the list could go on. Now then there are a few things that I'm very lax about because I'm quite certain they will be handled by the time they enter college!!! For example Kayden sucked on a paci until she was a little over 4 y/o much to her dentists' dismay! Potty training is another "not gonna stress" about thing. I wouldn't even be pushing it but her daycare pushes it at her age and so we are going with it. She pretty much has it down minus her "fear" of pooping!!! I'm not certain she is afraid of pooping but she has no problems peeping. She typically will wait until she gets home and them poop in her underware....WHY??? Not sure but whatev! So last night before bedtime I found Jon sitting in the bathroom with Emery telling her story's to distract her while she pooped away!!!! Not a precious moment to you maybe and probably didn't appreciate me using "poop" so many times but to me it was another reminder of how as parents we will do just about anything for our kids!!! Emery Grae, if your old enough to read this and this blog still exists mommy is VERY sorry but I had to blog about this and I hope you will forgive me!!!

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Heather Figueiredo said...

Ashton was afraid to poop! The good news is it will only take 1-2 times for her get be un-afraid! Stick with it girlfriend!