Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally some rays

It's been raining here quite a bit lately.....good for the earth...not always so good for us!! Finally, Monday evening after we ate dinner the sun was making itself be known through the clouds and we decided to go for a walk. Something so simple as an evening walk with people you love and laugh with is all the soul needs for a little pick me up!!!

As we first got outside

The girls were walking by puddles just dying to jump in them....we finally relented and they splashed and jumped around like this was the GREATEST fun ever!!!

End result!!!

After we walked away from the puddles Emery realized she was gonna have to keep her clothes on because we were in public and this is what we got...DEEEEERAAAMAA!!

On our drive back home, passing the! 

We have a beautiful weekend in store....70's! So with that forecast in sight our cars are packed and we are headed out for a semi long camping weekend....just the 4 of us! Pretty excited! 

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