Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mexican feast and letter shirts

We had the opportunity to go and visit some of my high school friends in Missouri this last weekend and really had such a good time I can't even put the goodness into ONE word!!! So much fun that we thought Kayden was getting sick Saturday morning before church and as we got her some fluids and the day progressed she perked up.  So we self diagnosed her with complete fun exhaustion along with a little unintentional (aka forgetful mom) dehydration. We became friends with Heather years ago and instantly they (her parents and sister) became like our 2nd family. They are very easy, comfortable, and a BLAST to be around. Over the years we lost touch a little with marriages, getting settled in life, and having kids but recently reconnected and quickly remembered why it was we LOVED to be with each other! Even with kids mixed in it made the time even better! We really enjoyed sitting back and not only enjoying our time together as adults now but loving the fact that our kids mixed together soooo well!!! It was quite the memorable weekend and as you can imagine there were 4 camera's going off at any given moment so this will be a multi blogging weekend....
I wanted to take something fun for all the kids to remember the weekend with and so Jon and I did some crafting together last week prior to leaving! I purchased a rainbow of t-shirts in various sizes and thanks to Reynolds freezer paper, fabric paint, an iron, and paintbrush we made some fun "letter" shirts! 

Taylor, Emery, Ashton, Addison, Jackson, Parker, Kayden, and Lauren....to see these kids lined up straight as arrows you would never know that they had just been running around like wild indians minutes before!!! (not sure why the above 2 paragraph's are underlined)

It was really hard to even get them to act silly for 1 picture! 
Saturday evening we headed over to Heidi's (Heather's sister) for a home made Mexican FEAST!!! 

Both Heather and Heidi have beautiful homes surrounded by lots of trees....very private and I LOVED it! 

Old friends.....we haven't aged a bit! HA!!!
This sweet little girl was HILARIOUS ALL weekend long! That smile instantly appeared when the camera popped out!

THE cook!!!

Margarita's with sugar and lime zest rimmed glasses
Enchilada's, home made salsa, mushroom & cheese quesadilla's and bean/tomato/avocado dip....yep we rolled home!

Heidi and I

and to top off the meal....home made key lim pie....and mini pies for the kids!!
Phil (whom Jon lovingly calls Phil the Dill) took the kids on 4-wheeler rides which they LOVED

Parker and Kayden
Blow up slip-n-slide! It was a bit chilly that night or there may have been some adults partaking in this fun!!

Instant friends....Emery, Parks, and Ashton

My sweet Emery who really showed off her emotional skills this weekend!!!

It looks like Emery is about to take Addi out but really the kids ended the evening with some baseball and fire fly catching!! 


Heidi said...

Just for the heck of it I looked to see if you had anything posted!! You are SO on top of it!! what a great blog- and I'm sure the lake trip pic's are to come in another email!

What a fantastic time we all had! Thank you so much for coming. I'm simply in love with your family and wanted to keep those girls here on Roemer.

love you!!

Heather Figueiredo said...

Great idea to break down these blogs! WAY TOO MANY PICS for one post :) Hoping to get mine up to date this week.

We miss you guys!
Hope your post vacation week is going well!
Hugs to your sweet girls!

Charisa said...

I love the pic of you girls all together :) And phil on the 4wlr! Glad you are "content" too :) ME TOO!!

Erika Reiner said...

Oh how much fun!!! sooo cute! Looks like you all had a blast and a great feast! Loved Heidi's apron too!