Friday, July 10, 2009

Mushroom making

I blogged a while back about a terrarium that we made.....we wanted to add a little gnome to "man" the quarters but have been unsuccessful in finding one (or lack of REALLY looking).  I decided that some cute little red/white mushrooms would be a great addition instead! So we picked up some polymer clay at a craft store and to work we went on molding some mushrooms.....not perfect, but they shouldn't be....they are kid crafted!

Polymer clay is not the softest material to work with so the girls decided to put ALL their body weight into it and used their feet instead of hands!!!
Ready for baking...

End result! Quite cute and they fit perfectly in their new home!

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greenchickadee said...

Oh my word I LOVE them! And I think we have the exact same terrarium. Unfortunately, ours got a bad case of "the mold" and I had to take it apart and wash it and change out all the dirt. We'll see how it works. I th ink it needs a little fan in their to circulate the air or something :(