Monday, July 27, 2009

Trip to Missouri....lake day!

On Sunday of our visit we headed out to the lake with Heather's parents who have a boat and sea d00! Let me preface this fun day with the fact that I am on the verge of an anxiety attack when I think of my kids being near the ocean or a lake. I don't know where this fear comes from. I am a good swimmer, we are not careless with kids around large bodies of water....on the opposite end if I don't back off a little they are going to be scared themselves and I definitely do NOT want that to happen. I do know this fear came along after I had the girls and it's just a motherly fear that, despite my mother thinking there is medication out there for this fear, is not going away anytime soon!!! We ALL (including the cutest little one for Lauren) had life jackets on the entire day. I asked if we could pray prior to heading out on the boat and once the day took off I tried to place the fear behind me and enjoy the day! It was a blast.....sea dooing, tubing, skiing, wake boarding, and smiling/laughing zipped the afternoon away! 

Chap and Kayden.....this poor sea doo did not take a rest until it was put up for the day!!
Nathan taking the girls for a spin
Addi, Emery, Jackson, Parker, and Ashton
My Em's and her appears they are practicing how to snap fingers!

Snuggled up with Auntie Heather
What I know of water skiing I know from the countless summer days spent with the Chapman's and their patience in allowing me to learn this sport! The last time I went skiing was probably college....which has been a minute!!! I am proud to say I got up on my 2nd attempt!!! 
The girls having a blast tubing! 
Emy even went with me and thought it was funnish! 
Next 3 pictures are of me, Heather and Jon tubing and the point of this was to see how quick it took Phil to throw us off! Not so long for me and Heather but Jon was determined to hold on no matter what and his arms finally wore out so he had to give the old had to throat sign!!! graceful! HA!!

Heather who said this was her best yoga move!!
Held out to the proud of himself!!
We had a really fun day and I am definitely a bit more at ease....I WILL do this again!

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The Hadfields said...

Looks like fun!! What a cute bunch of kiddos!!