Sunday, September 13, 2009

4th annual Cape Hatteras Vacation

For the last 4 years we've visited a wonderful non-touristy place called Cape Hatteras. It's located in NC and you have to cross like 4 bridges to get there which give me mini anxiety attacks every year (goes back to my fear of the kids drowning thing....anyways...). If beach life and relaxing is your thing then I HIGHLY recommend....there really is NOTHING to do but relax. It's typically a vacation where you come back feeling rested, which is what a vacation should be, right??!! We go around this time every year to save $$$$......
it's off season there right now. We end up risking having bad weather but up until this year have had NO complaints! So this was our year for rain.....several days of it! With a little shifting of gears mentally we enjoyed this year just as much but in other ways until the sun cooperated and we could head outside! I knew we were just where we needed to be when 1 rainy afternoon I was searching the house for Jon and found him completely sound asleep on the upstairs couch!! (this NEVER happens)

using imaginations with popsicle sticks
flying in the breezy wind
yummy soup on a cool rainy night
more use of the hot tub
forts under the table
i learned to knit....didn't come home with a sweater
but something more useful for me....a dishcloth!!!
night time swimming....because that's when it wasn't raining
the girls and i made pretzels

way yummier than factory made!!
more crafting
more snuggling up on the couch for reading, laughing, or talking
sleep over's in aumie's room
hair wrap with auntie karlie on a very rainy am
the girl almost put emery back to sleep.....or was it the rain??


Heather Figueiredo said...

Been waiting all week to hear about your vacation! Enjoyed the pictures and sounds like the rain did not slow down your fun!

The Hadfields said...

How fun! I want some of those pretzels!! :)

Laura said...

My family had a yearly beach trip to the OBX too until we moved to Thailand . . . I miss it! Glad you had so much fun!