Saturday, September 19, 2009

The sunny days of Hatteras

Last post from our wonderful vacation! We did have some sunny moments and we absolutely made the most of those times! We love the sun, sand, and water! (most pictures are in no particular order.....just a view of our sun/fun filled days)

where we go
where we stayed.....pluses of going during off season...spacious house, our own pool, and this year we were able to have a view of the sound side......heavenly!!!
1 of the many birds we saw
this is hours of free entertainment
this part of the ocean is pretty rough and this is pretty much how far we allow the kids to get in
we where able to watch kite surfers for hours and days from our back porch or the pool
emery progressed from her full body flotation device to "swimmies" and swam with her face under water......huge for her!!
jon and taylor playing a little further in the ocean 1 afternoon
view from our room (jon and i)
twins... a younger sister ......and their mom
our offspring

family portraits are sometimes futile for us but i know we'll look back 1 day and laugh and miss these times when they were little enough to hold
view from the living room
she spent LOTS of time here during the week
peak a boo during a beautiful sunset
treasure hunting on the beach
stopping for a quick sec to capture time
nature slides
more swimming
yummy frozen drinks made by auntie kristi
this does NO justice to the few minutes of beauty and awe we experienced on a couple nights
jon and i, for the past couple years, have sat on the back porch from our room the last night of our stay and grabbed some alone time....reliving the week, looking at pictures, talking, listening to the wind blowing, and some moments just being quiet in amazement of what God had blessed us with.....surrounded by our family whom we LOVE, nature and ALL the wonders of it! we have SO MUCH to be thankful for it is in those quiet moments that you are reminded of them more!
hoping to keep this tradition going for years and years.....and then be tag a longs with our kids really is a place everyone should visit!!
*and an inside joke to give the fam a laugh...."well lordy be shelby".....imagine saying in the most slow country aunt be kind of way!!!*


Heather Figueiredo said...

loved the pictures!! beach vacations are the best!!

Erika Reiner said...

so cute!!! don't you hate how a camera can NEVER capture the beauty quite the way you wish it would with an amazing sunset. loved the peek-a-boo and oooh emery on daddies shoulder...I DIE!!! so cute! such a sweet post!