Monday, September 28, 2009

St Jude

We have a refrigerator that is sooooo packed it looks like a game of Jenga BUT instead of trying to clean out some left overs we dined out tonight! Here's why: today at Chili's 100% of all profits went to St Jude Children's Hospital to fund research for childhood cancer cures! The stats are amazing at how far they've come since they opened their doors years ago. 20% chance of survival rate then and they are now up to 70%!! We know several families who have been/are affected by this horrible monster. So along with hours and hours of prayers held for these families we happily dined out to support ANYONE who can find a cure in hopes that one day NO child will suffer and no family will ache over watching their child suffer or worse yet loosing their child. Although realistically I know that day will only come when we are reunited with our FATHER in Heaven! I pray pray pray that my children NEVER have to be a part of the horrible kid cancer statistic. My heart aches for those that are currently dealing with this and who have lost their children to this.

i know this sounds crazy but they are my thoughts.....there are days i wonder "why them and not my children"???
but believe you me i AM sooooo very thankful for the health of these beautiful girls of mine!!
can't complain about our meal.....spicey black bean burger and broccoli!!

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Erika Reiner said...

In the last week, I've heard of several young people late twenties to early thirties who have either lost their life or have faced life threatening illnesses. I completely agree...must not take our health for granted. The fact that we are blessed to wake in the morning and take in a beautiful breath then go to bed after seeing stars in the sky is SUCH A BLESSING. Love you!!! I've been especially thankful this week.