Thursday, October 1, 2009

creepy crawlies.....

around the Hughes house! and may I add an eeeekkkkk and an eeeewwwww!!!

didn't know what this was but knew he was something of significance because of the definitive diamond on his back.....we googled him. it's a wolf spider.....poisonous.
(I left him alone I might add which the hubs was not happy about)
a slug just making his way down the side walk late last night
(a funny side note I told Jon to "hurry" and get my camera as if he was going somewhere fast...I'm not the brightest kid in town I guess!)
pretty sure it's a locust but not 100%
it's practically turned fall overnight here in TN and this brings the biggest smile to my face for sooooo many reasons!! we left the windows open last night.....fell asleep to the songs of bugs and woke up to the birds chirping away! peacefulness as it's best!!

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