Friday, October 2, 2009


Mr. & Mrs. Hanner
they got married last year and we were never able to celebrate them so this last Sunday we did just that!!
TJ, his dad, Rosie, and Zoey
decorative flowers.....hand made by us and turned out so cute
and beautiful fresh flowers
lots of yummy food.....of course

some presents
my mom who is like a 2nd mom to ALL my best girls......she loves them like her own
......and the besties!
it had been torrentially raining here for days and days (including some flooding on Saturday) but Sunday morning we woke up to beautiful sunny skies and the perfect fresh breeze! we were at a park and so the kids were able to run and play for hours and hours. it was a beautiful day in every sense of the word! so happy for you Ro and TJ and I pray for many many more years of happiness and health!!!

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The Hadfields said...

I'm so happy for Rosie!! Her husband (and his dad) are hotties! ha! :)