Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a date....a date...a VERY important date!

my emery grae is FINALLY getting into her groove with big sissy out of the house during school hours. learning to play solo. sleeping in on occasion. hearing her own voice more (as kayden is primarily the jabber). figuring out where all the snacks reside. and sooooo many other things but the one and biggest thing that is soothing my heart and mind is she's got that little attitude back in check again (it FLARED UP when kayd went to kindergarten). not to say she's not sassy here and there.....when she's not a sass she's not emy!!

one monday (always a for sure day off for me) morning a few weeks ago emery decided we needed to go out for breakfast......& panera bread it was! a nice mix of yummy baked sweets for her and bagel for mommy....we're working on the give & take huh?!!! so monday date mornings it is! emery, mommy, and daddy! she looks forward to it, loves it, and doesn't want to leave it!

this is a typical breakfast choice for her: a cinnamon roll bigger than her head!
we talk, read, laugh, talk, eat, laugh, laugh, eat, laugh....have i mentioned this kid is funny??
it's become our tradition and it's a delicious way to start our week!


The Hadfields said...

How "sweet"! Those are great memories for her and I'm sure that one on one time is so special for each of you!

greenchickadee said...

I just love it! My schedule is so erratic and irregular but I would love to do something like that with just one at a time! So sweet!

Charisa said...

Love it! :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

perfect idea Kera! You are full of those!! we almost did Panera this morning, but today is Parkers bd and we'll be hitting MCD's for lunch and Chuck E. Cheese for supper. SOOOO we opted to eat @ home. Its the best to spend time with just one of them... you get to see their personalities more clearly. love & miss you sis.

Heidi said...

one of my most favorite memories is breakfast dates with one parent. every other week one parent would take either heather or I- then the next time we'd switch off. I loved it and still cherish that today! SO- don't stop even when they are in school- just get up earlier- it is worth it! great job momma kera!