Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5 years and 3 fish....

Jon and I are about to celebrate 5 years of marriage!! Yeah a milestone of sorts! It's been exciting. It's gone by soooo very fast. It's rewarding. Always a learning experience. Forever a balancing act. Accepting things we may not like but are not the end of the world (I think Jon gets a daily phone call about his socks NOT turned right side out!!!) differences. Not every day, minute, or waking moment spent together is perfect but it doesn't change the way we ultimately feel about each other (and yes they are GOOD feelings). Daily attempting with ALL our beings to keep GOD our 1st priority. Encouraging each other as parents and individuals. Making ALONE time a priority so that when these babes of ours are grown we still remember each other. I wouldn't trade this man for ANY OTHER PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I'm comfortable with him and I feel SOOOOO very safe with him and sooo very LOVED by him and accepted by him.....even on my "crazy days"!!! I LOVE THIS MAN WITH ALL MY BEING and I pray that we are blessed with many many more years of marriage celebrations!

So this last weekend we packed up a camper and a truck to spend time in the woods here:
and we're completely blanketed in this beauty:
and took a nap together *a rarity* and stayed cozy in the cold evenings here:
brought some fall reminders inside the camper like this:
and ever the busy wood chopper here:
to be able to enjoy blazing fires at night like this:
and eat to fill your belly up and warm your body up meals like this:
and ran into things like this: (but THANK GOD we never ran into the actual bear)
and enjoyed some quiet time like this:
part of our trip involved hiring a guide on our 1st day there to teach me how to fly fish and allow Jon to get some pointers to improve his technique. i thoroughly enjoyed myself and so we have now found a hobby we can, together, go to for years and years.....even when we're old and lonely (aka our kids have found cooler people to hang with)
our surroundings while driving from one fishing site to the next
so we fished 2 out of our 3 1/2 days there and while i was more determined to learn the sport than catch a fish i was elated that in the last 10 minutes of our 2nd day fishing i caught a fish (i thought i had caught my 51st leaf but NO it was a trout)!!!
friday was a rainy day so along with scoping out the little quaint town of blue ridge, ga we took an afternoon nap and then headed to a swinging bridge waaayyyy out in the country. it was kinda tricky to find but once we started out on the trail the beauty of the colors, peacefulness, and breath taking views, that only nature can bring, encompassed us! we had the best little hike and once again reminded of how present GOD is in the out of doors.
we had a beautiful weekend......not only being outside
but having quality time ALONE with no distractions
from this crazy busy life we can sometimes lead....something
that, in my opinion, is important for every marriage!


Heather Figueiredo said...

Fabulous blog, Kera!!! Looks like you all had an amazing time together in nature! Kuddos for carving out time together. It is so crucial in these busy years with little kiddos!! Congratulations on 5 years of marriage. Amazing how fast time flies!
You will never know how blessed I am by your friendship. I appreciate you!!!

The Hadfields said...