Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I can so easily wake up and get all caught up in the "to do's" of life. Lately I am really trying to stay "grounded" in the present moment, enjoying it thoroughly and not letting my mind wonder off to what I "need" to do. Now I'm not saying this "groundedness" always lasts ALL day but merely making an effort for a few minutes, hours, or whatever amount of time I can.

So this morning has been one of those morning.....sitting in my bedroom listening to the rain hitting the trees and ground. Enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the quiet moments before Emery woke up. Snuggling in bed with her once she yelled out her typical first morning words "mommy come get me". Sitting at the table together.....watching her little hands, which hold the last of her toddler chubby fingers, eat her muffin overflowing with raspberry/pomegranate preserves. Reading our worship together. Sitting on the floor and playing a game of "memory". Walking out the mailbox to "fetch" the mail together. Watching the "dump truck" (garbage truck) go down the road (these last 2 are daily favs). And after all that landing on the coach snuggled under a warm blanket. These are fleeting moments with my little 3 y/o who will ALL to soon be in school with her sister and I will LONG for these times again. ALL of my "NEED TO GET DONE" chores can wait. Here's to encouraging you to do the same with your day! Get grounded.....stay present.....all that other stuff will be there for you later!!
*i know you all were holding your breath as to "how many squirts of milk it takes (from a cow) to make a gallon milk"!!!! but since i promised to reveal the answer in the next post....350 squirts it is!!!


LizE said...

i just started following people's blogs. loved this. i don't have kidlets but i can only imagine how great the good moments are :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

right on Kera!! thank you for reminding me to remain grounded!! seems I need daily reminding to slow down & take time with, husbands all those important to me! Someday is NOW! i love you, i miss you, i mean it!!!

greenchickadee said...

Why is it that it's so hard to "slow down" and bask? I have the same problem, but when I finally do, I love every second.
I was SO far off on the squirts of milk, crazy. I was thinking like 30.