Friday, October 2, 2009


there is really nothing like a weekend spent with your best girl friends....i'm sure i don't even need to explain what it means or what it feels like because you all have 1 or 2 or 5 and know exactly what i'm speaking of!! it's the best! your house can be a disaster, you don't have to get all gussied up, you can cry, laugh until you snot on yourself, loose your temper (OH the list is endless) and be loved NO less and EVEN more!! my only complaint is that minus my sister all my other besties are out of towners!! but when we are together we jam pack every moment as if we are 19 again.

while picking up a few decorations the girls played with all the endless masks
ok so we thought it was a fun idea to and joined in
sabbath at church
an attempt to get all our kids to sit and so much happening
and yes i added this picture on purpose because as i went to take the next shot lauren fell out of emery's arms and BAM hit the floor! headache for sure!!
we visited at a newer restaurant downtown
my in town and down the street bestie
trying to be serious but silliness prevails!!
zo was the make up artist for the weekend, the girls loved having her here
up do on emery by zoey
left that weekend feeling sooooo full.....full of fun, love, blessings, laughs, contentment that best girls bring!!!!


The Hadfields said...

How fun!!

Charisa said...

Love all the fun pics - makes you girls seem not so far away :)