Sunday, October 4, 2009

Worship in nature

Yesterday (our church day) we played "hookie" from church and went here:
to do this:
and were surrounded by this:
and saw views like this:
and still experienced a bit of summer left overs like this:
and this:
but saw a couple signs of fall like this:
and then saw the cutest family of mushrooms
which turned into the "nature find" of the day
and we couldn't help ourselves to look for more
.....and more
.....and more
.......and more
.....I know right??? it started getting funny!!
but we kept seeing more.....
.....and more
and on the last last leg of our hike kayden almost tripped over these itsy bitsy babies.
they look bigger in picture but the tops where smaller than the girls pinkies! so cute!!
trudging out the last steps of our long hike!! ha!
we were surrounded by nature for over 2 hours and when we came out (if you've been here you know what I mean when I say "came out" because you're sooooo surrounded by nature you feel lost) we truly had that feeling of being with God.


The Hadfields said...

Love that place. It's one of Chattanooga's most beautiful places, especially this time of year. :)

greenchickadee said...

You know I love the "nature days" that we take off from church, and I'm loving all the mushroom pics! Aren't they so adorable? I can't resist stopping at every single one, and all the rain this summer has made the mushrooms go nuts!