Tuesday, February 23, 2010

is a pelican a bird or duck???

Emery and I were sitting together on the computer looking through some pictures of our friends who are vacationing in the Keys. They had a pelican surprisingly land on their pool deck and were able to capture the moment!!

This 4 year old brain quickly began turning....."is a pelican a bird or duck"? Let's research......and we found them to be birds....which led to "do they fly or swim"?......both....which then led to learning about webbed feet both on this bird and humans! The human webbed toes were MUCH more intriguing to her and we revisited that photo a few times!

this is the largest pelican.....a dalmatian pelican (not the one our friends saw!)

And just as quickly as that brain turned on it turned right back off. OK LETS GET DRESSED AND GO RECYCLE!!! So we're off....we've learned some about a pelicans this morning and now we're off to help keep this world a better place! Loving and appreciating the mind of my 4 year old today!!!

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Heather Figueiredo said...

we are loving all these pelicans. Emery would LOVE to see them ALL dive into the water! The fly up & then hold their wings in & plunge into the water. They must have really good eyes to see the fish. My dad saw a "man of war", kinda looks like a jelly fish. He got a pretty good picture of it. I'm hoping to see one also. Phil, Nathan & big boys saw a baby & mama dolphin while fishing. So many new wifelife to see down here!! We're loving it!!