Sunday, February 28, 2010


little feet tiptoeing in the earlyish hours of our sunday mornings. from one side of the house to the other....our meeting spot.
"daddy!!"....."mommy!!"...."can i get in the middle?"
and before you know there is squealing and giggling which spouts from the FULL ON tickle fest that occurs shortly after 2 little ladies have wiggled their way in between their parents.
would you be upset to be awakened by this in your face?
or these kicking you in the face?
NOPE cause it's our sunday morning tradition......the ONE day (unless i work) that we are NOT awakened by a machine yet the natural energy of 2 girls who bring SHEER joy into this house!!
and shortly followed by the 1 day of the week that i can go straight from the bed to the couch waiting for my cup of beloved coffee made and served by the ONLY male of this house. i LOVE you sunday.

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