Monday, February 1, 2010


COMPLETELY unexpected we were hit with a WINTRY BLISS of a weekend! AND we took FULL advantage of it!!
from catching snowflakes on tongues
to watching the snow which sparkled in the reflection of the moon (it's completely dreamy to me to be snowed in since this NEVER happens!!)
and jumping back into the snow early saturday morning
for sledding
and laughing.....
even through the back sided pain of going over the curb and hitting the road
and doing it OVER and OVER again!!
then on to being pulled on a sled through the neighborhood roads
until we landed back home to roll and roll
the silly guy up!!!
and we ended the weekend up on a mountain (for a 3 y/o's b-day party which, funny enough, was to be a snow themed (they bought fake snow......what are the chances it would have REALLY snowed???) party)
and as we got to the top of the mountain all that came out of this momma's mouth was "OH. MY. GOODNESS. THIS. IS. SO. PRETTY"....over and over and over again! and i was quickly informed by the the oldest that i was sometimes "weird"! maybe weird is the new "COOL"??
BUT.....REALLY what else is there to say when NOTHING but GOD'S handy work created SUCH BEAUTY!!!!
if we are blessed with more snow i will be OVERJOYED.....but if this is all we see for 2010 i'll be content with the fact that we had a beautiful white sparkly weekend!!

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Heidi said...

Heather & I were talking about you guys getting snow just the other day! I said "kera will have an amazing blog in a day or two!" you have out done yourself with pictures once again!

Love the wintery beauty! and how happy it makes the kids (okay.... and me!).