Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweater Heart Pouches

"heart day" is quickly approaching and because it's a FAVORITE holiday in this house i was trying to think of a few special little things i could make the girls.

thoughts in my head: sweaters to be buttons i found this week**
folding your segment of repurposed sweater in half cut out 2 hearts
i cut 1 out, pinned it to the other piece of folded sweater and cut around the other heart as to have similar sizes
with right sides together pin the hearts in place. place (not to be sewn in to place just yet but use a maker) your button in the approximate place you want it (this will be on one of the "right" sides {inside} )
then on other opposite heart cut a TINY slit (this hole will grow when you stitch it later with yarn)....cut the slit to line up mid button
using yarn, stitch (i believe it's a "whip stitch") your hearts closed leaving a small opening at the top
turn your heart pouch inside out. stitch (again using the whip stitch) around the button hole and each side of sweater (at the opening on top) to keep the sweater from fraying. sew on your button of choice (i used embroidery floss)
you can make them BIG or small........the imperfections of these make them PERFECT!!!
this one i sewed with a machine and while i like it & was WAY FASTER to make i think i LOVE the hand sewn one a little better!!
i think the girls will LOVE these on "heart day" OVERFLOWING with sugary treats!!


The Hadfields said...

How adorable!! You are so talented; what a great mommy. :)

greenchickadee said...

So cute! I'm going to the goodwill to find some sweaters to tear up. Love this! Thanks for the tutorial!

dana said...

I just saw your candy bags in the flickr group. LOVE them! And you did the ruffle. Really cute in the striped. Looks like the perfect V-day bag.

and these little hearts are very cute. I love the "handmade" feel too.
nice to find your stuff!
- dana