Friday, January 8, 2010

Helping keep this world

a BEAUTIFUL person at a time!!

I have no control over the child molesters or kidnappers (the hubby is standing over my shoulder as I write this and is finding those 2 words above HARSH.....sorry if they offend anyone....they are harsh.) in this world, sadly, because they would NOT exist. I grew up in a world that from morning to night and all in between you could find a set of twins exploring the back yard, woods, riding bikes, and running around carefree!! I DO however have control of working with my family towards a "green" way of living (and we already do several things in this area). Popping up ALL over the blog world are people joining Hip Mountain Mama for "One Small Change" and we've decided to join in on this greatness!!! I want my kids to be able to enjoy the beauty of this earth for years and years to come. If we can all make small changes it will make a HUGE difference!! I'm a bit late in joining in, really only in blogging about it though, we've been working on this!

I am a HUGE paper towel bad I know! So as you can see below our paper towel dispenser is empty. We are trying NOT to use them right now and then will eventually put a roll up to be used SPARINGLY or NOT AT ALL!!
I did have to come up with an alternative though because I am constantly wiping hands off both big and small, wiping off counters, wiping off the table, even spills off the floor. SO I put a VERY small amount of soapy water into one side of the sink and this is my go to through out the day. Sometimes I have to make a new batch of water depending on the messiness of our day but I figure this is the "greener" to go!
So go check out this change that you too could participate in!

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Hip Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for joining! Giving up paper towels is such a great first change! We keep one roll under our sink for extreme emergencies. We use rags and kitchen towels for everything and it works great!
Good luck!