Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Birthday to my, growing up WAY to fast, Emery Grae!!
it was a day to celebrate her and do ONLY what she wanted. period.
which started out with reading
and moved on to pedi's (colors of her choice, "hot pink with purple dots")
where we were wiggled into hysterics by the "massage chairs"
we then HAD to hit one of her FAVORITE lunch spots (yellow veggie sandwiches in town) with her doting daddy
and because and ONLY because she is SOOOO cute and lovable
she got a free birthday cookie "on the house"
then after getting the big sis from school we met back up with daddy and friends for some indoor rock climbing
where she was feeling extra big and strong for a 4 year old and climbed straight to the top.....1st time EVER to do that!!!
and all through out the day this was going on because she has lots of fans who must gives wishes of a HAPPY DAY
dinner was a menu ONLY a 4 year old would order up: waffles
and perfectly ended in bed with daddy reading stories!
it was a day ordered up by this girl (we had tried to convince her that a trip to Atlanta to pick out an "American Girl" doll would be a fun day.....NOPE, not her thing) and we happily obliged! it was perfect and full and silly and I LOVE HER BEYOND THE GREATEST WORDS IN THE DICTIONARY!!


greenchickadee said...

Happiest birthday little lady! And it couldn't have been more perfect!

Heather Figueiredo said...

looks like Em had a perfect day surrounded by the people who love her the most. and doing her favorite things!! amazing how fast they grow!!

Heidi said...

Such a perfect day for a BIG girl! And you captured it all perfectly! Good mommy! That girl is precious!

Looking forward to a big 3 yr old day myself!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing day! I loved the pictures-- especially the rock climbing and toenails...such a perfect mix! Four is so very FUN!