Friday, January 22, 2010

Until I see you again......

a year ago yesterday she peacefully, just the way she her home, surrounded by 4 women who LOVED and RESPECTED and JUST ABSOLUTELY thought the WORLD of her. today we were just getting in to michigan to get the last of the funeral arrangements finished up. GOD blessed us with a beautiful white snowy weekend surrounded by family who loved her too. it's been a year?? hard to believe because the pain is still so fresh. but yesterday we met for lunch, with mom, at 1 of her (gram) favorite restaurants and tried to talk about her but we cried instead.....then laughed at the fact that our girls had NO say in being birthed into some VERY emotional women's lives!!!
(taken 1 year ago....she looked so good even post stroke)
in the interim......of our home on earth and being united with her in our eternal home....HEAVEN we will remember her in ALL kinds of ways......that make us smile and laugh.....and YES cry too.

(a gift from mom, she found a lady who made this purse completely from my grandparents clothes.....such a GREAT keepsake)
(and eat simple yet deliciously satisfying food that remind us of her)
(and wear slippers {we call them by a german name but i have zero knowledge of how to spell it so i'll keep from embarrassing my german relatives who may be reading this!!!} that were handmade by her)
.......oh and so many more!!! she was beautiful inside and out and SOOOOO greatly missed!!

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two sisters' journey to 70.3 said...

I love & remember those slippers. I remember eating crepes they made for me in Michigan. I have never had better!! I remember big hugs & kisses. She made me feel like I WAS part of the family!