Monday, January 4, 2010

Money Jars

Today we started and finished a project that I have had only the best of intentions of finishing for almost 2 years! YIKES....!!! I am not typically an "I'll buy you a treat if you're good" kinda mom....not that I've NEVER purchased something to reward to good behavior.....come on I'm a mom!!! But ultimately when we walk into a store and the "I wants" start I don't give in, what will that teach them?? Saturday night we went into a specialty food store where you can find jars and jars of candy lined up on shelves.....I would worry if I didn't hear "I want just one piece......please mommy I haven't had supper, I'm SOOOOO hungry.....I've been good today........PUUUUULLLLEASE"!!! LIGHT BULB WENT OFF!!! It's time to get those money jars in action QUICKLY!! I happened to have some of their Christmas money with me and asked if they wanted to use some of that money to purchase the candy and they happily did! I gave them each a $1 and they paid excited for the change and receipt!
So we pulled out the money they have tucked away in their piggy banks along with 6 random jars found in the house and basement and met at the kitchen table
painted on each jar......
"save" (to be used towards college education or 1st house purchase), "tithe" (not intentionally the smallest jar but this will go with us to church monthly), and "spend"
we then distributed out the money 10% for tithe, what was left we did 1/3 for spending and the other 2/3 for savings. not sure if this right or wrong....or is there a right/wrong answer to this (would welcome any advice from you money savvy people out there)
They will receive an allowance based on age and household chores completed (not necessarily by chart method {as the youngest doesn't really excel with these right now} but by mom's brain keeping track the best I can).......and in the end our intent is to teach these ladies the value of a penny!


Erika Reiner said...

Go Dave Ramsey Children's Program!!! Our friends do the same with their kids and chores. We're totally going to use that method with our kids. We can see the difference with our friend's kids. I think they actually have the children's program dvd's. Do you guys have those??? What do you think of them?

greenchickadee said...

I love it! We kinda do that but without the jars. I really think Liv would appreciate the jar concept more!

Virginia Peach said...

That is such a nice idea. I think I will do that when my son is a bit older.

Heather Figueiredo said...

We have to do this!!! Parker especially WANTs everything. And its getting tough with xmas & bd almost a year away. Great job Kera. I gotta get more info from you or Dave.