Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am not an animal lover.....but let me be VERY clear that I DO NOT hate animals. I just like that dog at YOUR house or that cat purring in YOUR bed (my mother is probably ROLLING her eyes at me right now!!!!). We do house 2 fish, a beta and a goldfish, and I am VERY proud to say that they are each coming up on their 1 year birthdays!!! That's especially huge for a goldfish!!

Anyways on to the tail....or tale of our snail......this last fall Emery and I were headed out to the car and she almost squashed this little shell which housed a cute snail who has received the endearing name of "snelly". She decided he needed to be housed in our pre-existing terrarium. I must say we weren't exactly sure he'd thrive.....what do they eat? Well we didn't research that information but he's survived (there must be something in there to keep his belly full) and we love him!!!We sprinkle water in the terrarium every so often and snelly must love it because shortly after you can find him setting out on an adventure
or that's what we like to imagine......the mushrooms, small piece of wood, moss, dirt, large shell, high glass walls.....for such a little thing, we imagine he thinks it OH SO EXCITING!!! We've sat around the table and talked over many meals what FUN he must be having.....surely this is better than the "scary" outdoors......where if you don't watch out you might get squashed!!

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Charisa said...

I like the mushrooms - they are cute!