Friday, February 12, 2010


have exploded into some valentine craftiness in this house!!! hugely due to "heart day" being a favorite holiday for my girls!

piles of felt hearts for some garland hanging on the mantel
along with handmade valentines for the girls' school friends
i've become (secretly) obsessed with this crafty girl
these are her "candy bags"
with vinyl inside
which will house yummy treats for some special women (mom/sisters) in my life
also check out her soooo easy and inexpensive to make wreath.....mine is made out of lima beans. add some red spray paint and it's gives the perfect valentine touch to our front door (can you see the snow falling.....yeah for snow AGAIN!!!)
(i made the mistake of spray painting mine outside on a windy day and it sadly caused the paint to bubble up.....don't make my mistake!!)
a felt heart/circle head band inspired by another crafty lady except i sewed elastic to mine and they were a HUGE hit with the girls!!
i'm a knew knitter so at this point i've just been perfecting my dishcloth's which will be gifts for my inlaw's
there's lots of LOVE around here!!! XOXOXOXO


dana said...

Oh wow. I'm lovin all your red, white, and pink. thanks for putting your pics in the flickr folder. Great creations!

greenchickadee said...

first of all, loving the EVERYTHING! I'm coming to YOUR house for Valentines crafting!
I've been wanting to make Dana's wreath (can't believe she commented! Whohoo!) and I couldn't find enough nuts. Why didn't I think of lima beans? :)It's so cute!