Wednesday, March 3, 2010


those 2 words with the added year somehow immediately make me think of panama city beach (no i never experienced that life!!!)...girls in bikini's with fake tans and work-out-so-hard-don't-eat-for-a-whole-month-before-you-hit-the beach-body's.....MTV....dancing. WHY???

rather this has been our week so far......snuggling on the couch finishing up the winter olympics
breaking ALL rules of sleeping in mommy and daddy's room
30 toes and 6 feet piled on top of each other to watch a movie in bed (UNHEARD OF!!)
AND EMPTY LUNCH BOX FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS!!!! do you even understand how exciting this is for THIS mother???
yep we're lovin' spring break 2010 period.

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