Monday, March 29, 2010

Bird Watching

Last Wednesday we set out with Kayden's kindergarten class for a full day of bird watching and learning! We've seen MANY cloudy, rainy days lately. But the skies cleared and that BIG YELLOW round thing showed it's beautiful self off. We had a GREAT day walking down the river sighting new and old birds!
The kids each had a clipboard with a piece of paper to write down each bird they spotted
We saw a whole gorgeous flock of Cedar Wax Wings which Kayden had never seen before, along with Chimney Swifts, a Brown Thrasher, and Blue Herons. Not to mention the ones we see frequently in our backyard like: Cardinals, Blue Birds, Black Capped Chickadees, House Sparrows, Mocking Birds, Robins, Grackles, Mourning Doves.......and her list ended up with about 16 total!! Yep it was a good birding day!
(Cedar Wax Wing)
After our picnic lunch and letting the kids play in the park we headed out to the Chattanooga Nature Center
Where we learned about 3 different "birds of prey"
(Great Horned Owl)
(American Kestrel)
After some "classroom learning" we headed outside to venture around the property. The kids were able to get in the nest of a Bald's HUGE!!
Before leaving we were able to go into the tree house......I NEED THIS!!!
I may need to find a side job to earn enough $$ to have tree house built in our backyard!
Kayden's class has been learning about birds for the last month or so. In high school I got on a little "birding" kick but didn't keep going with it. So it's been fun to dust off the bird book and we've had fun keeping an eye out for new birds! Hoping that this spring and summer will bring us many new bird sightings!!

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greenchickadee said...

Finally getting a chance to comment on this one. SO PROUD OF YOU! I used to think birdwatching was for dorks, but really, I am totally into it. We are big into woodpeckers lately and it is so fun to figure out who is who! Love that they got to do all that fun stuff to spice up the birdwatching!