Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This blogging world has birthed some craftiness that I KNEW was inside of me but needed just a little nudge to come out! That nudge was then followed with a need.....a sewing machine. But it was gonna have to go on the "want list" which could be YEARS before being fulfilled.......we have little mouths to feed and clothe and that's JUST FINE with me!!! I could dream about having one for the time being! I was then given one of the best hand-me-downs an aspiring sewing girl could want. A sewing machine......AND A BERNINA AT THAT. This was graciously given to me by Jon's grandmother who was a WONDERFUL seamstress and ran a small business out of her home for years and years. So along with this machine I also was given a serger (I KNOW!!!), lots and lots of thread, bobbins.......oh the list is endless but I AM BLESSED to have everything AND MORE to get my beginners sewing skills going!
insert angelic singing here
it seems there is ALWAYS a birthday party to attend and so one of the things I've been making are colored pencil rolls (this was another item that Karah got me started on)
which really are perfect for boy or girls
(and i must say that fabric shopping is quite satisfying......i love this michael miller fabric i found for SOOOOOO CHEAP)
they can be paired with coloring books, drawing paper, "learning books".....oh the choices but have made PERFECT GIFTS!!
and can be made for young and older kids
i made this crayon roll for a 2 y/o....used the same concept as the pencil rolls just on a smaller/longer scale. these are pretty simple to whip up!
a quick satisfying project which is perfect for a beginner sewer like myself!!
i'm loving the ENDLESS sewing possibilities and look forward to learning more and more.........cause BOY do i have a LOT to learn. thank goodness for seam rippers!!!


Erika Reiner said...

Kera!! These are FABULOUS!!! please send "recipe"!!! Tim's mom is going to teach me how to sew. Aprons and window panels are on the top of my list and then these are sooo cool!

greenchickadee said...

SOooooooooo . . . ooooooo happy for you! I would probably have cried like a baby if I got a gift like that. And the fabric for pencil roll is A-dorable! And now, I WILL be planning more sewing dates for us. You and one other friend of mine have just gotten sergers and let me tell you, life will NEVER be the same for you. Curtains, dresses, tshirts, swimsuits . . . you will DIE when you see what you can make!
Is the serger a Bernina too? they are the best in the world. Trust me!

Charisa said...

Holy craftiness! You ARE Martha Stewart!! :) Super cute.

Heidi said...

Kera!!! So amazing! I need to send you a picture of what joan recently sewed the kids. It tolds a small tablet of paper and a box of crayons/or colored pencils. She brings it to church for them. And tied with a bow like yours. SO cute.
And she made great aprons recently.

I need to get inspired... joan gave me her old sewing machine. i don't feel i'm got the talent for it!

have fun!

k a t y said...

That is a really great, solid machine. Hooray for seamstresses of past! Now there's no excuse. Git goin'! (actually, I see you've already been gittin'--good for you.)