Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There are many qualities about Jon that I LOVE......yes some that I am not so fond of but this post is about the better of the two! He can be very set in his routine and if you mess it up be prepared for some grouchy Jon!! Some days it drives me batty but I am finding that maybe I like my routine too and I am really just batty with myself. Oh the analyzing of life! ANYWHO back to JON........BUT if given some free time, good weather, a phone call from a friend the night before.....a camping trip is planned! JUST LIKE pre-planning, no matter that I had to work all weekend.....there is something about nature that brings out the best in him AND the girls.
And together they had a fun and beautiful night outdoors.
Did I really miss this??
Lily (1st time camper), Emery, and Kayden playing
Seeing an otter in person......which, to my knowledge, neither of the girls has experienced outside of a zoo/aquarium
A certain 6 y/o FINALLY learned how to stay snug and warm the ENTIRE night
There is something about matter the age which brings out the best of hair do's and puffy eyes!!!
I HATE that I missed out but I am thankful for that itsy bit of spontaneity in Jon to *LAST MINUTE* share some memorable daddy/daughter time camping.


Heidi said...

Yay for Jon & the girls! That is a very nice quality to have in a daddy/husband! And something that Nathan has- especially since the kids are 3 &5 now. Sorry you missed out!
love you!

The Hadfields said...

How sweet! And how precious that he took the camera and took pictures for you! Good man. :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

I love it!! Way to go Jon! When are we camping this summer? Gotta get something planned!

Cari said...

Where is that camping spot? It looks beautiful!

greenchickadee said...

How fun, and I hate that you had to miss it! Tre would NEVER attempt to take the kids camping alone so you are very blessed! Very! I wish he would sometimes!
where did you camp? It looks so peaceful and quiet