Tuesday, March 9, 2010

in the wilderness....ish

we hit the road friday morning and headed for the "wilderness"
but not the wilderness we had intended our body's to be in. we had planned a camping trip which had to be cancelled last minute due to evening temps of 20's....a bit TOO cold for tent camping...at least for us.
our plan b turned into an overnight trip here:
so instead of sleeping bags we got this:
instead of stacking up nature "findings"......piling up starbursts as high as they could go until they tumbled over was 2nd runner up
instead of relaxing in camping chairs by the fire it was poolside like this:
instead of exploring near by creeks and waterfalls there was water dumping fun to be had like this:

and trying new things like this:
by THE bravest 6 year old
who loved every second of it
BUT we did get to venture out into the outdoor "hot tub" which felt "natural springs like...ish"
we SPLASHED 36 hours away
and came home feeling like we had a "get away" which is always a good feeling......even if it was PLAN B!!!


Heidi said...

what a fabulous time! and exceptionally beautiful pictures this blog! as always.... love watching.

greenchickadee said...

OK, so where is this?! It looks like a fabulous place to be in winter! I'm loving that. Gooooo brave girls!