Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nature Bag

For Mother's Day this year my sweet sister purchased a new book for me which fits my current sewing needs perfectly....it's a pattern free book. PERFECT cause I'm not quite at the point of wanting to follow directions....I just want to "wing it"! It gives you ideas and you just customize the item to fit your need!
SOOO we are headed out early tomorrow for a fun filled camping weekend in Michigan. There isn't much to pack as far as entertainment for the kids because they have the outside to explore for days on end! BUT I wanted make a little bag for them to put ALL their "nature treasures" in. Yesterday (not really sure I should have made something I've never made before 2 days before leaving....AND 5 of them to beat!!....so please don't zoom in as they're NOT perfect!) 5 little bags where sewn up for 5 little girls to fill to their hearts content of nature treasures!!
Tucked neatly inside: An "A,B,C's of Nature" sheet and a colored marker to fill in each line when they find the nature treasure that coincides with that letter!