Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday would have been my Aunt Elfrieda's 59th birthday. I didn't even get to meet her...EVER {Kristi and I were happily growing in my mom's belly when she died}. She and her husband {Bob} were driving home from the beach {a FAVORITE of theirs} on a Sabbath afternoon when their lives were ended TOO short in a car accident.....leaving my mom and grandparents absolutely devastated.

So yesterday in memory of her we went over to mom's and poured through some pictures while mom shared some stories with us......6 days before they died my mom, dad, grandparents, Elfrieda and Bob had just spent a "perfect in every way weekend" {per mom} together as family.
I know for certain I would have LOVED her greatly.....I carry on her name {it's my middle}, she LOVED the beach, camping, everything out doors, and HATED washing dishes!!
Then after looking through pictures and laughing at all of my mom's hair styles {one day my turn is coming with my own girls} we headed over to Dairy Queen. Because as their *above mentioned* "perfect weekend" came to a aunt & uncle decided that a quick stop at DQ would be the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. My mom said she told Elfrieda about the pregnancy, they hugged tightly, and she ran her fingers through my aunts long blonde hair 2 times.....not EVER realizing that would be the last time. Thank GOD for kids because they bring laughter when sometimes you just want to cry. Mom says that her pregnancy with us turned into the greatest miracle for my grandparents as we pulled them through their deep sadness and into happier days.
I certainly hope I never have to experience loosing 1 or even both of siblings as my mom has. It was nice to stop our lives for a brief time, even though the world kept going, and remember a beautiful sister, aunt, daughter, wife, niece, cousin, and friend. CANNOT wait for Heaven!!!

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