Friday, July 16, 2010


Not really to much to be said......Disney speaks for itself! We did, however, go on vacation just the 4 of us...1st time EVER for a whole week long...just us and we magically ate up every minute! So without further ado here is the Magic Kingdom part of our trip:
we could have rode this ALL day everyday in circles and Emery would have been on cloud 9.....THE MONORAIL folks
we whirled and twirled
watched 3D movies
flew to soaring heights with elephants
got our adrenaline going.....she really did have fun despite that face
met a couple princesses
acted silly
took naps here and there.....or at least some of us and others of us wished we could
teased some birds
got SOAKED (from the ride here but also rain)
watched character parades
of course hula hooped
watched magic happen right before our eyes......he disappeared within seconds
dressed up here and there
danced in the streets
flew into outer space
watched electric parades
and fireworks
and it in turn shut them down
with sweet dreams until the next day


Heidi said...

LOVED seeing the pictures! Wanted to see them all while you were here... You all looked SO beautiful the whole trip! I think with these pic's I could talk Nate into going again :) Beautiful blog of the magical place!

The Hadfields said...

How FUN! Great pics and awesome memories!!!

Heather Figueiredo said...

success! you had absolutely too much fun! I loved all the pictures and would love to see them all...put that on our to do list for sept visit! love you!!