Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Left over minutes in Florida

We needed a little down time away from Disney and so it was spent like this:
making tie dyed t-shirts at our hotel
playing tether ball
relaxing at the pool.....we must have circled that lazy river a hundred and three times
getting to see our friends Tim and Erika whom the girls ADORE....and maybe it's cause Erika took them on "jungle safari's" through the lazy river
or Tim LOVES to be just a silly as Emery
munching on one of our favorite snacks "Pirates Booty"....never heard of it? GET IT!
picture a bit blurry cause remember I said it rained A LOT!!....still raining....still swimming
and finally on our last night in Florida the Reiner's graciously let us have a sleep over
we had yummy home made food which we were sooooo ready for, comfy beds, adult conversation, and just being in the company of people you love and love you right back!
oh and p.s.....visit the Reiner's cause you can't set foot in their house without getting's GREAT!

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Erika Reiner said...

Aweeee!!!! We had a blast with you guys!!! I mean soooo much fun! Just good ol fashioned hangin out...nothing fancy. No big agenda. Just being. It was THE BEST! We love you all and are so happy we got to spend time with you! Wish we lived closer.