Monday, July 19, 2010

Animal Kingdom

Our last day was spent at Animal Kingdom and we all agreed it was on the top of favorite days!
We started the day out with a quick hello with Pooh
and tigger.....there's just something about "him" that gives you a BOOST of energy.....could be all that jumping!
we hopped on a few this point Emery was VERY certain of what she wanted to ride and what she DID NOT!! She clearly stated she would much rather sit and watch then ride the scary ones!
We visited Mount Everest
and the oldest decided she wanted to ride the scariest ride there.....TWICE! So the parents each got in on some of the adrenaline pumping fun! Kayden and Jon rode in the VERY back the 1st time....2nd time around she and I were put in the VERY front and she got the life scared out of her!
a little close up shot!!
While Emery was completely content walking through Asia seeing Komodo Dragons
Asian Bats
and an array of beautiful exotic birds!
we stopped for lunch and when Jon brought the drinks there were NO lids and cardboard type straws.....SAFETY first for the animals! LOVE!
We went on a safari of the best parts of the day
AND of course you can't be at Animal Kingdom without being blown away by the Tree of Life
I could have really taken a picture of each animal but I're welcome!
Last stop before exiting was a 3D movie "It's a Bugs Life"......SO FUN! So many unexpected's (I know NOT a word) that you're laughing and screaming all at once!
I must leave you with this (appropriate with seeing above): the BIGGEST HUGEST BEAUTIFULLEST grasshopper we've EVER seen.....and yes Kayden wanted to snatch him up and take him home!
We left EXTREMELY tired from 4 VERY FUN and LONG days.......still not sure we've completely caught up on sleep.....eerrrr at least the parents! So many memories were packed into those days but we were ALL very happy to return to our Home Sweet Home!

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Heidi said...

Love, love, love all the pictures!! This was our favorite too. So glad you got to experience all this magic! The girls will remember this for a long, long time!