Saturday, July 17, 2010


We spent our 4th of July at Epcot......weren't sure the kids would enjoy it as much as we would but we all ended up enjoying it equally!
I don't think I mentioned in the previous post that it rained on and off the entire time we were in Florida (although I did capture several shots of sunny blue skied it may appear that I'm telling stories but I'm not! It rained!). Once we embraced that fact that this would be a rainy vacation and picked up some cover-ups we decided rain might not be a bad thing. Disney in July=HOT! So the rain worked on our side and cooled us off a bit!
This particular day was extra rainy which is why some of these pictures are a bit dark!
There was a great aquarium which sheltered us from a downpour and by the time we finished and headed back outside it was only drizzling
The girls had little interest waiting in line to meet characters at Disney.....fine with us. But they happened to spot ALL 5 character's they were interested in seeing all in 1 building and decided this line was TOTALLY worth the wait! INDEED IT WAS!
This was one of the times we realized we brought them at a perfect age because they were OVER THE TOP excited to meet them, SOOOO believing they were real!
maybe even we believed they were real too! :)
We then made our way around the world....taking an extra long break in Deutschland cause that's where my roots are!
Asia was a fun hands on stop
Rounding the end of our world tour the girls were given a mission! Listening to clues given through a cell phone
they took a trek thru Italy
*If you ever go you must do this! It's FREE and FUN...if you've been to Disney you share in my excitement of ANYTHING free!!*
We ended the evening with fireworks.....although it started drizzling and we got worried we may not be able to see them!
But hey what were we worried about??......we were in a "magical" place and WOW was it ever a great show!
We missed our 4th of July traditions back home but we made some FUN new memories that will be with us forever!

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