Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game......

If we were playing "Family Feud" and my question was: "What are the top 5 all American family activities?".......I would venture to say "going to a baseball game" would be right in one of those 5 slots!
So Saturday night found the 4 of us doing just that! Jon's company has purchased 4 box seats for the season and we FINALLY {cause we've been meaning to go all summer} grabbed those tickets for a 6:15 game!
Walking into the stadium, nacho's, ballpark lights, ice cream, mascot {looie-who sooooo graciously signed the girls' BRAND NEW North Face hats! :) happy daddy post signature! [do you sense my sarcasm??] }! Every part of the evening {ok minus the hats and permanent marker incident!} was all smiles for all 4 of us!
AND a fun little bonus was they were playing the Jacksonville Suns which is where my BF lives.....I begged her to hop on their bus and visit us for the night but they didn't have an extra seat......
AND THE ICING.....the Lookouts WON!!! {Sorry Heath...I know you're a HUGE fan and all!}
Don't ask my girls who won though because running up and down stadium steps is SOOOOO much better than a real live game!
Let's play that "Family Feud" game again......also pretty certain watching fireworks would fit in one of those slots too! And cause Chattanooga is JUST THAT COOL they let you sit, run, lay, crawl, cartwheel, somersault, wallow in baseball grass {which is pretty cushy if you've never experienced it} all the while a firework show is going off!
We left smiling wondering WHY in the world we hadn't gone sooner and thinking this was pretty much one of our top "best nights ever"!

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Heather Figueiredo said...

buy me some peanuts & cracker jacks.... love baseball!!