Thursday, September 2, 2010

2nd Annual Treffen

This marked our 2nd year in Michigan meeting (hence the german word above: Treffen) up with family for a weekend of: camping, sand, exploring, visiting, bugs, games, eating, beaching, fires, laughing, dirt, relaxing......oh and all the wonderful things that come out of a weekend spent outdoors with family!

Lots of Family
Literally hours of entertainment......Jon and I stayed extra with Emery cause she couldn't stand to leave which warmed my heart as this is where I spent days and days of my childhood..... on Lake Michigan
The girls eat up this freedom they have of exploring the camp grounds, playing in the mud, and being with cousins
Early evenings spent watching sunsets down by the lake, making up games in the sand, visiting, and the little ones unable to stay out of the water and sand
Nights spent around the campfire.....more talking, smores, hobie pies, and just enjoying the relaxing glow that a campfire brings
On your life "to do's"......visit Michigan to climb AND race down {best part} the sand dunes
And some of our in betweens.....flying kites, sitting on washed out logs visiting with cousins while eating a snack, napping on the beach {NOTHING BETTER}, relaxing in baby pools when you just don't feel up to hitting the lake waves, and more time playing and snuggling with family!
Another fun year that we hope to repeat year after year after year!'s what families create right?!

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