Sunday, September 26, 2010


I always wanted a boy.....well I think I did anyway. Wasn't in the plans. But 2nd best to that is getting a little nephew who also decided to make his debut on the EASIEST day to ever be remembered! 9-9-09
*NOT a fan of grass but he cooperated for his Auntie!*
Proud parents of the Birthday Boy
Party musts: stuffing your face with cake and balloons
Guests: Mamaw, Gran, and Papa
The people he probably would LOVE some personal space from!! We just can't get enough of him!!
Isn't this the best part of a 1st Birthday? I think so!
1 years old
Thanks Braxton for being a boy, for coming on an easy-to-be-remembered-day, for your sparkling eyes, for you squeezy cheeks, for your SMILE that lights up a room, and for letting your auntie kiss and kiss and kiss your face off!
*OH and for letting me fix your hair even though you're a boy*

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