Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking in the quiet

It took Emery and I {ok ME} a little while to get back to our Monday date days since Kayden started back to school. Just her and I to do as we please with our day. Some Mondays we are forced to run a few errands but I still try to squeeze in just a little something to make her feel special. She is my HUGE firecracker stuck in a little body {I know that feistiness is going to take her far!}. So to say a few hours once a weeks makes a positive difference in that attitude of hers is an understatement! I leave Monday mornings/early afternoons thinking "all is right with the world"......now come 3:02 when we pick up big sister my attitude might have shifted a bit!!

A couple Mondays ago found us at the park. Books in a bag, picnic in tow, and blanket tucked under an arm. With nothing on the agenda but to have fun and enjoy the sunny afternoon.
There were some unexpected quiet moments, leaving me wishing they would linger a little longer . Like hearing her feet running through the grass, watching ants busily going no where, observing fluffy clouds floating by, and watching the leaves blowing in the light breeze. It was quite dreamy and QUIET....and quiet is hard to come by in this busy world we live in.
Every so often she would jump onto the blanket to grab a bite or two and then back off to play with her newly made friends
Monday's aren't the normal dreaded days around our house yet the much anticipated for this little blondie and her mommy! It's gives us that little jump start to our week and leaves us both smiling!

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Erika Reiner said...

This pic of Em with her blonde bob and cute tank looking down...TDF!!!

So precious! I wish my Monday's were so enjoyable!