Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer weather we are having and so a couple weeks ago we headed to the Ocoee for a day of fun! A husband. 2 Daughter's. A niece. A friend. The friends' daughter. 3 life jackets.....just in case. 1 kayak.

We picnicked 1st......or force fed the kids because they were too excited about getting in the water to realize they needed some energy
*You must excuse my excessive use of collages but they are soooo much fun!*

Back to business. I've been telling Jon for years about this spot at the Ocoee where I used to go in college.....a natural rock slide and the blue holes. He had never heard of them. So when a friend mentioned that we should go to the blue holes I was jumping up and down with excitement that FINALLY someone would allow me revisit those fun college times!!

Funny enough it was Emery who was the BRAVEST of all and needed not a bit of coaxing to slide down!
It goes without saying that the Ocoee is ALWAYS good for some BEAUTIFUL scenery!
We ventured down from the slide and found a spot for the kids to swim and jump off rocks safely
You can start in one hole, swim under the rock formation and pop out to the other side......endless fun!
Before heading home we went to a "beach" are and let the kids practice kayaking
It was a fun day......just as much fun as my younger college days sans the snake I almost came face to face with...EEEKK! *Heather R do you remember that???!!!*


H-Dog said...

ieOF COURSE I remember!! EEEEKKKK is right!!!
Hey - I keep meaning to tell you....even though your picture collages ARE so fun, they are really small and hard to see for us readers :( I'd rather see the full pic.......just an observation! Sorry!

Erika Reiner said...

I love this post. Growing up dad would take us to my grandma's in west virginia. I remember swimming at the Gob Hole (which I now know is probably not so safe as it's "bad coal" run off...LOL). Anyway, the gob made these really cool formations/tubs we'd swim around. I loved it!!! Best memories ever!

Cheers to you all for creating memories for the kids they will NEVER forget!!!

Melanie Anne said...

Hi kera!
I just got your message on my blog. Plz don't worry about it--we came up with some fun things to do! I would like to pick your brain sometime--you are always up to such fun here in Chattanooga area. The Ocoee sounds soo fun--my boys would love it I am sure. I will have to google it and see where it is. Thanks for all the great ideas!!