Monday, September 13, 2010

Recycle of the Clothing

We participate in your typical, carboards, cans, plastic, ect and feel good about helping keep earth a little better of a place!
But another way I've found to recycle something is with my children's wardrobe....that's right....I'm not too good for some used clothes! It started out several years ago (about 5 to be precise) when a friend introduced me to a consignment sale. I went along a little skeptical but with an open mind that if I could find even a couple daycare outfits for Kayden it would be worth my time. That's exactly how my recycling of the clothing type began. I would find her outfits for $2-5 and then how could I be upset when she came home stained from mud and paint? As my shopping at the sales continued I was able to start putting CUTE outfits together for off daycare days and even finding church outfits. Which lead me to where I am today and that is not really doing any extra shopping except for shoes, undies, socks, and an occasional shirt to match the pants or skirt that didn't have a match.....and the KICKER is I can afford clothes that normally I would just wish about buying!

So last weekend found some really really great friends, {who drove in from Missouri} my sister, and myself in line to shop away for these babes of ours! It's really quite fun.....all of it! Standing in line catching up on life while sipping coffee, then racing in and picking through racks and racks of clothes and shoes. Then gathering in a corner to weed out the "NO WAY'S" and "ABSOLUTELY IF YOU DON'T TAKE IT I WILL"!
We then felt famished and exhausted {!} and stopped for lunch!
The best part is coming home with the basket of goodies and letting the kids model all their "new" clothes and patting ourselves on the backs for finding such great deals!! I.E.: North Face winter fleece {pictured on Taylor}- $5. L.L. Bean snow pants- $12 along with L.L. Bean BRAND NEW snow boots- $14 {pictured on Kayden}. North Face Rain Jacket {in basket for Emery}- $12. Gap Dress- $4 {pictured on Addi}. Pink Dress Gap Shoes- $8, Brand New Red Velvet Skirt- $5, and Old Navy Butterfly Vest- $4 {all pictured on Emery}.

And so much more not even pictured....enough for those fall and winter days yet to come! Then a plus.....while I'm shopping for my girls someone else is grabbing up the clothes, shoes, bows, socks, ect that no longer fit my girls and buying them. In turn I make enough money to cover what I spent at the sale! If you have a sale near you and have never shopped there give it a try!! SO WORTH IT!


Heidi said...

Addi is already wearing a BUNCH of stuff (because its NEW!) from the sale! WE WILL BE BACK!

Melanie Anne said...

Oh wow--that sounds so cool! When and where is that?! I need to go:)