Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The rest of our LDW

2 weekends ago we had some good friends spend the weekend with us....the Chapman's. That's not really their name anymore....rather they've married and become the Crouch's and Figueiredo's. I don't think it makes them upset that I still say Chapman's though! It was a short weekend visit jam packed with FUN.....what else can you do with, at minimum, 7 adults and 8 kids in 1 herd?
Early mornings found the kids outside.....LOVE that we're entering the early stages of fall
One afternoon found us at a football game.....life wouldn't be what Jon and I call "normal" if my girls didn't have at least 1 fight! And is it just cause I know my twin so well or does she scream princess even at a game and attempting to cheer?!!!
AND leave it to Aumie to show up with the COOL stuff.....ice cream, ALL the fixing's, and ice cream cone glasses to hold all the YUMMINESS! I may have given in to the fun and was found squeezing whipping cream in the kids' mouths?? BAD PARENT I KNOW!
Sunday we hit the water play area's of downtown Chattanooga....look at that brood of kid's! You can't expect them to sit still AND smile can you? By the way who invited the turban donned guy?
We then had some hungry people and took them to our fav hot dog joint! No worries of being quiet here and where else can you find vintage salt & pepper shakers which double as entertainment while waiting for the dogs?
Oh and sorry Nate...couldn't resist!
We ended the evening with a stroll across Market Street Bridge. The weather was beautiful, the sun was setting, the kids were free to run or walk, scream or laugh.....a good ending to a weekend spent with those kind of friends who need NO impressing!
Love you Chapman girls and your kids and husbands and your down to earth personalities! COME BACK SOON!


greenchickadee said...

Oh, this makes me miss Chatty so much! It is SUCH a fun place to have people visit and show them around! Simple pleasures! Glad you had such a fabulous time. There's nothing like a weekend with good old friends!
So o o o o I want to know how you make those awesome photo collages. They are so fabulous!

Heidi said...

Thank you SO much for such a FUN FILLED weekend. We seriously had it all- even some down time! Well, for me anyway- you had to rescue my husband! Chatt town is the best and we will be back so soon!
Fantastic way to get all the pictures in there!
Thanks Kera & fam!