Monday, September 20, 2010


A couple Sunday's ago found us scheduleless (not a word but I want it to be one get it right?) and ooooooo even right this very second just thinking about a free Sunday gives me dreamy thoughts of all we could do or better yet NOT DO! We're not professional {nor do we try to be!!} at any 1 specific thing yet just try to enjoy a variety of activities and someday the girls will find their niche and focus in on that! For now we just enjoy various things with them! So biking was on the menu. Sunny blue skies and 2 little people who can now both ride a bike {rather than sit in a basket} make for perfect riding conditions! We weren't really sure how far Emery would make it and didn't want to get out too far and then not want to ride back.
So at 1 1/2 miles we stopped for a rest, snack, and drink....and a quick picture OF COURSE!
AND with NO struggles at all we made it back to the car with 3 miles under our belts.....realizing we could have made it further and proud of little Miss 4 y/o for doing such a good job AND having fun!!
{this was their idea for a those girls!}

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