Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stump Jump

Jon participated in his 1st trail run yesterday.....Rock Creek Stump Jump. A perfect crisp fall morning for a race and totally in his element......the woods! When he began training for this race he knew it would be different running in the woods as opposed to the road but didn't realize just how much! I joined him 1 time during a morning run and got a taste of trail running......tripped and fell twice!! This year he decided to run the 11 mile race to get an idea of how trail racing would be with the possibility of running the 50k next year. You don't realize how much training time goes into a race until you start it and it's definitely a big commitment to train for a 50k!

Early morning walk to the START
Lots of GREAT sponsors out there.....Jon got some GOOD GOOD free stuff!
The racers.....Jon's friend Chad who he's been training with
Getting ready
Em's made a friend while waiting for daddy to cross the finish line
Jon rolled his ankle Tuesday while running and wasn't sure how the race would go. He did finished even though he had to run carefully to protect it.....and today is limping! We are so proud of him! I will definitely be joining him next year......if for nothing else than the free loot!! I kid I kid!
Crossing the finish line!!!
The end AND smiling!

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Erika Reiner said...

Great Job Jon!!! We knew you could do it! That is seriously a whole different level of running. I mean wow! I love the picture of you and Kera so sweet. Flan and Tay's pic is priceless!!! They look a little tired.

take care of your ankle now and you'll be back in action at full capacity in no time!

We love you all!!!
Erika and Tim