Tuesday, October 26, 2010

camping IS the life

We just spent this past weekend in the woods, surrounded by beautiful changing leaves, gorgeous weather, & good good company! It was a delightful weekend!

the view while winding up the curvy mountain road
autumn's hug
we came to a dead end and this old and beautiful tree greeted us.......Whigg Meadow
{oh the stories it would tell}
"arting" while awaiting our friends to arrive
we found a secluded little spot and it become our little "city" for the weekend
our evening shelter
these beauty's engulfed us
a simple rope slung over a tree limb and a harness
equaled hours.......
and hours.....
of free entertainment
working together to get a fire going
on top of the meadow with a view for miles
we explored
enjoyed warmth in the cool evenings
fell asleep in the safety of dad's arms
ATE well!
got in some good girl time
surrounded ourselves with other nature lovin' friends
made "secret" forts
found lots of nature nuggets
acted silly
played and played
rested in the grass
talked about serious complicated life stuff
soaked in one the most AMAZING sunsets
used nature to assist us
roasted BIG FAT marshmellows
made new friends
and sadly on Sunday morning we had to say goodbye....to the woods....
to our friends.....
and to Whigg Meadow!
But don't worry we'll be back all to soon to stomp on your grounds some more and make lasting memories that camping & nature can sometimes do!


Cari said...

A friend of mine got married at Whigg Meadow a few years ago. It's a beautiful spot. Looks like it's fun for camping too!

I commented after you on my balloon post. Hope the Picasa explanation helps!

Kristi said...


greenchickadee said...

Cari, I would LOVE to have seen that wedding! We even considered getting married up there, but too many older folks wouldn't have made it back then. :(

Yes, it was a blissful weekend! Arguing kids and all! :) Thank you so much for being willing to meet up at an unknown place with virtually unknown friends. You have a special place in my heart now since we've camped together! Looking forward to more adventures. We just got a canoe which we are sooo excited about . . . time for you to get one!